Two Men Die Fighting for a Woman in Mukono

Police Superintendent Onyango says that after systematic examination of the scene, different drops of blood were spotted and followed, heading to Kigagga zone where another dead body of Katende was found with multiple cuts
Hakim Katende and his wife Dorothy Birungi whom he accused of having an affair with Kiwango

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Two men have died fighting for a woman at Kiyunga, Kyampisi sub-county in Mukono district. The deceased have been identified as Hassan Kiwango 45, a timber dealer and Hakim Katende 48, a driver, both residents at Kiyunga living in the neighbourhood of about 100 metres. 

Katende has for over a year been accusing Kiwango of having an affair with his wife, Dorothy Birungi, which cause a wide rift between their two families. Kiwango was staying with two children aged 12 and 4 years, in the absence of his wife who went to Saudi Arabia for foreign employment.

According to the Kiyunga LCI Chairperson Douglas Ssekalegga, the dispute between the two men reached the local council-LCI committee for mediation and it seemed they had resolved the matter. But apparently the source of the conflict did not stop and open quarrels resumed this month compelling the LCI committee to take the matter today to Kiyunga mosque to be resolved by the Imam.

However, to everyone's shock Katende attacked Kiwango this morning before the Imam's meeting could take place and hacked him to death. He cut him on the neck, hands and at the back several times.

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The Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango says detectives from Naggalama police station visited the scene finding the body lying upside down in front of his house with multiple deep cuts on the entire body. 

But Kiwango had also apparently fought like a man. Onyango explains that after systematic examination of the scene, drops of blood were spotted and followed heading to Kigagga zone where another body of Katende was found with multiple cuts.

“The two bodies have been taken to Kayunga hospital for postmortem as children and the wife to Katende are held at Police for their safety,” Onyango says. He adds that police have also been deployed at Katende’s home to stop the public from damaging their properties.       

Sophia Kigundu, a sister of Kiwango, appeals to police to speed up their investigations to find out whoever supported Katende to kill her brother.

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