Ugandan Girl Rescued from Slavery in Kenya

A Ugandan girl who was lured from her mother with promises of a better life in Kenya and sold into slavery on a tea farm, has been rescued and returned to her parents in Bukhaweka, Manafwa district.
Sylvia Mukimba was taken to work on the tea farm at a tender age of 10-years in 2006.
She was however only recently rescued from the tea farm in Kenya's Kiambu district near Nairobi by Martha Murugi, who found her by the roadside crying for help.
According to Murugi, who returned Mukimba to her Parents, the girl was tatters and had not eaten for some days when she found her.
She says on interrogation Mukimbi gave the name of her single mother Nandeti Tembi, and explained that she was brought to Nairobi by her brother who promised her a blissful life that never came to pass.
Mukimbi says that her employer promised to pay her Ksh200, an equivalent of about 5000 Uganda shillings but never gave her a penny.
Following the incident, Sam Musolo the first secretary to the Uganda High Commission in Kenya has warned parents against allowing their children to be lured out of their homes with promises of better education or to offer services as housemaids in Kenya.
Sam Musolo says the Commission has received a number of children stranded in Kenya after they were allowed by some of their parents to go in Kenya to work or seek