Ugandan Parliamentarians to Undergo Annual Performance Audit

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A public policy organization, Africa Leadership Institute, plans to conduct a comprehensive annual audit of the performance of Ugandan Members of Parliament to ensure their accountability to the electorate.
The executive director of the Africa Leadership Institute, Oscar Oketch, told Uganda Radio Network today that the MPs' performance will be measured by attendance, the number of contributions they make on the floor of parliament and the content of their contribution. He said the MPs will also be assessed by their participation in parliamentary committees and their interaction with their constituents.
Oketch said the MPs performance at constituency level will account for 25 percent of the audit.
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Oketch said MPs are removed from the public, making it hard for the electorate to assess their performance. He said the work of cabinet ministers will also be examined based on their effectiveness in responding to questions in Parliament.
The 8th Parliament of Uganda has a total 333 MPs with 213 members of the ruling National Resistant Movement and 38 opposition MPs.