Ugandans Take Corpses to Kenya Due to Lack of a Mortuary in Border District

RDC Mpimbaza Hashaka said the development is shameful as the government allocated 300 million shillings to the district hospital for the construction of a mortuary but it has never been completed.
27 Jan 2022 15:07

The absence of a mortuary in Bukwo district is forcing many Ugandans there to take their relatives who die from Bukwo district hospital across the international border for keeping in Kenyan hospitals many miles away.

The bizarre tendency was revealed on Wednesday by the resident district commissioner Bukwo Samuel Hashaka Mpimbaza while addressing the councilors and Covid19 task forces at Bukwo district.

Mr Hasaka said many residents who lose their relatives in Bukwo hospital take them to keep in Kitale hospital deep in Kenya as they prepare for his burial.

He said the development poses a shame to the district hospital which the government allocated shs 300million for the construction of the mortuary has failed to be completed by the contractor.

"In fact I have received expressions of concerned from the border administrators of Kenya about the flooding dead bodies of Bukwo being crossed to keep them in Kenya," he said.

Yeko Siya the district  secretary of social works said the general situation of Bukwo hospital was turning the health facility into a death trap.

"This general hospital which had x-ray machine but was stolen, relies on staff who are in acting positions and this affects services in the district," he said.

Julius Chelimo the district chairperson of Bukwo confirmed that lack of a mortuary at Bukwo hospital was making it hard for the district to manage diseases.

"You find that a person dies in the hospital and remains in the ward with other patients for days which is very dangerous, " he said.

Pauline Cherop a resident of Swam town council in Bukwo district said many people find it difficult to pay money for the mortuary services in Kenya.

"I remember my relative died in Bukwo, we took the body for preserving in Kenya as we wait for the burial, but we nearly failed to raise shs 700,000 to pick the body from the mortuary in Kenya," she said.