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UMSC General Assembly: Section of Delegates Locked Out :: Uganda Radionetwork

UMSC General Assembly: Section of Delegates Locked Out

Some of the delegates said that they were being targeted because they were critical of Mufti Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje
30 Nov 2023 13:19

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A section of delegates representing various Muslim regions have been locked out of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council-UMSC General Assembly at Old Kampala.

"They are not allowing us into the premises of the national mosque, yet we are fully elected members of the assembly. The meeting is for delegates," said Suraina Kigongo from East Buganda. He said that he was being targeted because he was critical of Mufti Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje

Kigongo threatened legal action if they weren't allowed entry. "We will take them to court. They don't have the power to refuse us from being part of the assembly."

Hajji Abudul Kiyimba, who recently called for rebellion against the current leadership during Friday prayers, was also denied entry.

Yasin Kakuru of Kiruhura Muslim district, who was also denied entrance claimed that dissenting voices were being silenced.

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On the agenda of the General Assembly is the approval of a new secretary-general, the swearing-in of new members, budget approval for UMCS, and discussions on the state of affairs. However, Kakuru revealed a push from some members to amend the agenda, focusing on the critical issue of Muslim property attachments.

"We cannot act normally in an abnormal situation," Kakuru said.

Rumors circulated that UMCS management had devised a plan to pay the 19 billion shillings, with government compensation of 62 billion for seized Muslim ranches reportedly in the works.

Speaking to, URN Ashiraf Zziwa, UMSC Spokesperson, claimed he was not aware of members being denied entrance to the meeting.

There is heightened security at the entrance of Old Kampala Mosque. Security personnel comprising of the police and army have been deployed out and inside the premises of the mosque. They are thoroughly screening people and vehicles entering the UMSC headquarters.

Two foreign tourists were seen struggling to access the Mosque. "Do you have an appointment here, sir?" inquired a police officer. Eventually, they were granted access after a thorough body check. 

Individual Muslims who arrived for dhuhr prayers were also turned away and advised to come back on another day.

Journalists were also unable to gain access and were forced to set up camp at the main entrance.

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