UN Women Boss Hails Makerere's Resolve on Sexual Harassment

Dr. Houinato says Makerere University is one of the rare Universities in African and on the globe that has taken a strong resolve in tackling sexual harassment.
Dr. Maxime Houinato, Country Representative, UN Women Uganda

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Dr Maxime Houinato, the UN Women Country representative has hailed Makerere University for its stand against sexual harassment.   

Speaking on Wednesday at Makerere University, Dr Houinato says Makerere University is one of the exceptional Universities in Africa and on the globe that has taken a strong resolve in tackling sexual harassment.  

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Dr Muhammad Kiggundu Musoke, the University's acting communications and international relations manager said the university with its recently launched amended Policy and Regulations against Sexual Harassment; and the Safer Universities Project is committed to fight the vice.  

He quickly adds that the Makerere will remain vocal especially in the fight against the vice even when other universities chose to remain silent on the issue.  


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According to Houinato, people inside Makerere University might not know the strength, reputation and respect the university commands on the globe.

  He says it is because of actions that Makerere does including tackling of the sexual harassment issue heads-on that keeps it among the rarest universities on the globe.

In August, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, the Vice-Chancellor of Makerere University unveiled the Vice Chancellor’s Standing Roster of 100 to investigate sexual harassment. 

The Vice Chancellor’s Roster of 100 is provided under section 18 of the Makerere University Policy and Regulations against Sexual Harassment.   

It includes well-selected persons of integrity from which ad hoc committees will be drawn to investigate specific reported complaints of sexual harassment. 

Professor Nawangwe says he is confident that his ‘army of 100’ of people with impeccable reputation will help him stamp out the sexual harassment vice for once and for all in Makerere. 

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  According to Nawangwe, the first group, out of his ‘army of 100’ is so far handling three sexual harassment cases. He refused to divulge into their details arguing they are still under investigation.  

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