Uneducated Demand Ministry and 5 Seats in Parliament.

“We have been working for President Museveni for over 20 years but we have not yet gained from his presidency, so we ask for a ministry that will work on issues related to uneducated persons,” the National Chairman of the Uneducated, Hajji Kassim Kasasa said.

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The association of Uneducated Persons in Uganda (Abataasoma) have asked the President Yoweri Museveni to give them a ministry that will work on the issues of persons who are uneducated and and to also secure for them parliamentary seats from the five regions to represent the uneducated.

Addressing the press today at their headquarters in Lubigi, Nansana Municipality Wakiso district, the National Chairman Hajji Kasim Kasasa said that they want a ministry that will work on issues of uneducated persons and also to be given five members of parliament to represent uneducated persons from the five regions in the country so that their voice can be hard.

“We have been working for president Museveni for over 20 years but we have not benefited from his presidency, so we ask the himto give us a ministry that will work on our issues related to uneducated persons,” Said Kasasa.

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Cue out…teliyali atunonyezaako.”//

Kasasa says that president Museveni promised to give them support from the government to develop themselves but nothing has been delivered to the uneducated but some people have so far successfully blocked them from meeting the president to tell him their problems.

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Amiri Ssengendo who is a popular musician who is also a member of the uneducated persons says that he was with the president in the bush during the 80s  but has not yet gained anything from Museveni's leadership.

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The Wakiso district chairperson for uneducated person Sarah Nandujja says that they were advised to make Sacco’s but when they went to register their association they were refused to be registered their Sacco, being told that it was full of politics.

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Cue out…naye tetunafuna kudibwaamu.”//

Sylvester Isoka, the Wakiso district youth chairperson for the uneducated says that they have failed to access the youth livelihood money and ask the president to divert the youth livehood money to the Sacco’s so that they can borrow that money from the Sacco’s where they belong.

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