UPDF Monitors Implementation of Government Programs

The army is involved in monitoring the implementation of the IDP resettlement, the National Agricultural Advisory Services - NAADS and Northern Uganda Social Action Fund II –NUSAF projects.

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Uganda People’s Defense Force soldiers from the 5th division based at Acholi Pii in Pader district have taken an active role in monitoring and the implementation of government programs. Some of the programs being monitored by the army include the resettlement of IDPS, the National Agricultural Advisory Services - NAADS and Northern Uganda Social Action Fund II –NUSAF projects. 

Colonel John Lorot, the commander of the 5th UPDF Division says that they decided to get involved in monitoring and implementation of government programs to help the former internally displaced community to benefit from the programs. He says that the army provides technical assistance through community leaders on how the programs should be implemented to ensure better results for the beneficiaries.


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Col Lorot also says that besides giving technical assistance, the army has teamed up with Police to fight corruption by ensuring that suspects are arrested and prosecuted.


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He however, cites the rampant wrangles and armed robberies as the major threats to peace in the region.


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Cue out: … still a problem.”//

Catherine Lamwaka, Pader Resident District Commissioner is excited about the involvement of UPDF in the monitoring and implementation of government programs. She says that since most people have returned to their homes, there is need to intensify food production.  According to article 209 of the constitution, UPDF is mandated to preserve and defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Uganda, to cooperate with civilian authority in emergency situations and in cases of natural disasters among others.