UPDF Pensions Board Visits Western Uganda to Assess Claims

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The Ministry of Defense is in the process of verifying the documents of 180 fallen UPDF soldiers in Western Uganda with the intention of paying their terminal benefits before the end of the year.

The spokesperson of the UPDF Second Division, Captain Robert Kamara, says the Military Pension Assessment Board will visit districts in western Uganda to meet with relatives of dead soldiers. He says the board will begin its hearings next week to verify pension claims and to meet many of the claimants face-to-face.

Often pension and benefit claimants are required to travel to Bombo Military Headquarters to get their benefits. Many of them do not have the money for transport to travel from their homes and the benefits owed to them are never received.

The Military Pension Assessment Board is headed by Dr. Lameck Mutesasira.

Captain Kamara says the board will meet children and widows of dead UPDF soldiers, who will be registered and given identification papers to facilitate the payment of the benefits.