USAID: Uganda's Health, Education Systems Beginning to Fail

The United States Agency for International Development USAID has said Ugandas education and health systems have started to fail over chronic vulnerability and population explosion.
Uganda Population pyramid

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Uganda's education and health systems have started falling due to chronic vulnerability and population explosion, the United States Agency for International Development-USAID has warned.


A team of USAID officials issued the warning while meeting Rebecca Kadaga, the speaker of Parliament on Tuesday to discuss the USAID- Uganda country development cooperation.

Mark Meassick, the USAID Country director told the speaker that Uganda is in the midst of a demographic tsunami with the population of the country expected to reach 150 million people by 2050 from the current 41 million..



According Meassick, the chronic vulnerability in Uganda and demographic explosion exposes the health system to failure.  He said that it is unfortunate that most Ugandans are way below the poverty line and can't meet their basic needs among others.



Meassick explained that in many cases people slide back into poverty after getting out of it due to illness such as HIV/Aids and death. According to Meassick, the available services are not commensurate with the population, which explains the challenges in the health and education sectors and youths employment among others.

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The Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga confirmed the fears of the population expansion and lack of services in different districts in the country. He says in some cases people lack income while others lack schools for their children.


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According to Meassick, the US Government injected over $ 400m into the Ugandan economy over the last one year in support of over 1 million people living with HIV, development and agricultural programs.