Vendors in Masindi Market Protest Over Uncollected Garbage

The vendors also contend that the general Hygiene in the market is appalling.
A heap of uncollected Garbage near the Market.

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Market Vendors at the Kirasa Market in Central Division Masindi Municipality are protesting the delays by division Authorities to collect heaps of garbage collected in the middle of the market and the surrounding areas.

The vendors also contend that the general Hygiene in the market is appalling.

Sarah Burungi, a vendor in the market says due to the presence of the uncollected garbage in the middle of the market, she has failed to sell any food due to the smell from uncollected garbage. She said the situation has become unbearable and customers have started shunning their businesses.

According to Birungi the market has only one garbage skip which is even filled up and has spent close to three weeks without the division authorities collecting the garbage. 

//cue in;”Ntunda ebi ribwa…

Cue out:…Kimutuka niki tabara.”//

Birungi further explains that the only latrine in the market is filled up with vendors having no option but just to ease themselves outside the latrine, something she says could fuel an outbreak of health related diseases such as cholera.

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Cue out:…Bojo e toyi.”//

John Babyenda, another vendor demanded that the municipal authorities should  remove the collection point of the garbage from the middle of the market. He says the Municipality officials have taken long without collecting garbage from the market, yet vendors pay fees for garbage collection.

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Cue out:…Hagati ya abantu.”//    

Joan Katusiime, also a vendor says the situation becomes unbearable when it rains saying rain water washes the garbage and dumps it into the market posing a risk to people’s lives. She says a huge stench has developed near their stalls, leading to health risks there.  

Nelson Mandela Bagonza, the Central Division LC3 Chairperson when contacted for a comment by URN admitted that collection of garbage is a problem in the whole division. He however faults the vendors for poor disposal of garbage in the market.

According to Bagonza, they are currently developing a master plan for garbage collection dubbed the Central Division Solid Waste Management Master plan that will ensure effective and appropriate dumping and collection of garbage in the division.

On the latrine situation in the market, Bagonza says they are to construct a modern toilet that will be availed with running water. He however does not disclose when this will happen.

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