Voters Register Page Found in Ballot Box

A page of a voters register, containing about 20 names was this evening found in a ballot box in Nakawa West, raising concerns about how it ended up there. This was at the Nabisunsa National Curriculum Development Centre polling Station in Nakawa West.

One of the male polling Assistants discovered the register as he started the vote-counting process. This means that all the twenty people whose pictures and names were on that piece of paper have not voted.

The Polling Assistant Maureen Tukahirwa was able to notice it because its yellow colour was different compared to the white ballot papers. Tukahirwa said that she does not know how the voter register ended up in the ballot papers.

Tukahirwa, who was distributing the ballot papers, says that she went to answer nature’s call and when she returned, she found the voter register missing.

Some of the voters said they don't know if what they witnessed is going to result into a free election since some have missed voting due to an anomaly by Electoral Commission officials.