Voters Stop the Re-Arrest of Former Tororo Woman Parliamentary Candidate

Ayo contested against Sarah Aceng Opendi, the incumbent Tororo Woman MP in the 2016 elections and lost. She rejected the polls results and ran to court where she also lost.
From Left. Ayoo, the Ambasodor to Kenya, Dr. Tanga Odoi in Court

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Drama ensured at Mbale High court on Monday when police tried to re-arrest Jacenta Ayo, the former Tororo Woman parliamentary candidate. 

It all started after Ayo was picked up on Friday by Joseph Mase, a court bailiff from Kampala for alleged failure to pay court costs amounting to Shillings 83.2 million.

Ayo contested against Sarah Aceng Opendi, the incumbent Tororo Woman MP in the 2016 elections and lost. She rejected the polls results and ran to court where she also lost. Court directed Ayo to pay Opendi costs of the suit leading to her arrest on Friday.  

She was driven to Budaka Police Station pending her appearance before High court in Mbale on Monday. She was committed over failure to pay Shillings 83.2 million to Opendi as her court expenses. 

Ayo agreed with the court bailiffs on a payment schedule beginning with the first installment of Shillings 500,000. She also agreed to pay the second installment of Shillings 3.4 million on June 14, 2019 and clear the outstanding balance of Shillings 35,000,000 in installments of Shillings 5 million each month until December. 

However, angry voters from Tororo stormed Court demanding that Ayo should be released or transferred to Tororo as per the court order. According to the court, Ayo was to be picked up and locked up at Tororo Police Station pending her court appearance. 

When the police officers realised that the Mbale High Court Deputy Registrar who was expected to handle the matter wasn’t around, they decided to hold Ayo in the court cells. 

He supporters demanded to be locked with Ayo prompting the officer to call the Mbale District Police Commander to transfer her to Mbale central Police station. 

A team of police officer dispatched from the station was stopped by Dr. Tanga Odoi, the NRM Electoral Commission Chairperson from arresting Ayo.

“Stop, Stop you shouldn’t arrest Ayo like that. She is an NRM flag bearer for Tororo .The manner you want to use makes people ran away from the NRM party. I am not going to allow you to arrest her,” he said pointing at the police officers.     

Shortly after her narrow escape of re-arrest by the police, Ayo explained that following her arrest on Friday she was taken to various places before she was taken to Budaka Police Station. 

She thanked her supporters including Phibby Otaala, Uganda’s Ambassador and Dr. Tanga Odoi for fighting for her freedom. Ayo vowed to meet Opendi in the field in the next round of the polls, saying she is strong.  

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Cue out: … we have conquered,’’ //

Dr. Odoi said the party will pay the court fees as scheduled.  

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Cue out: … of the country.’’ //

Dr. Odoi noted that he was unhappy to see party candidates suffering in prisons because of costs arising from election petitions.  

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He apologized to court because of the foul words using by NRM party supporters.  

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Lillian C. Mwandha, the Mbale High Court Deputy Registrar, said she endorsed Ayo’s arrest because she didn’t make any payments in the past seven months.

She asked Dr. Odoi to honor the party promise to pay the costs of the suits.    

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