Weather Forecasters Warn of Rough Winds, Waves on Lake Victoria

The lake has since Saturday been experiencing unusually strong winds of about 25 knots(kts) which has occasioned very large waves of above 2 meters high, a situation that is expected to continue for the next couple of days.
26 Jul 2021 12:24
Fishing is Mainstay Economic Activity in Lake Victoria. [Photo By Michael Wambi]


The Uganda National Meteorological Authority -UNMA has warned of very rough weather conditions on Lake Victoria waters, cautioning the users to exercise a high level of caution while on the water. 

A statement issued by David William Elweru, the Acting deputy director of for Station Networks and Observation at UNMA, warns that the lake will experience rough weather conditions characterized by strong winds and moderate waves that are forecasted for the next three consecutive days.

  According to the statement, the lake has since Saturday being experiencing unusual strong winds of about 25 knots which has occasioned into very large waves of above 2 meters high, a situation that is expected to continue for the next couple of days.

  Elweru cautions that people living on the islands on Lake Victoria, fishermen and the entire maritime industry to be high alert such that they can avoid becoming causalities of the harsh weather.

  He advises the people using the water bodies for both transport and fishing for a living to check the seaworthiness of their boats, to avoid overloading the water vessels as well as ensuring that they carry plenty of spare fuel before daring the lake, or else consider canceling their trips until the situation normalizes.

  The statement warns that winds may blow off roofs, uproot trees and cause structural damages. The large waves present the potential to cause capsizing of boats and threaten the lives of those using them.

  The unusual weather conditions according to UNMA radar is associated to the southerly strong winds that are blowing from the Indian ocean towards East Africa and the Victoria basin.

  Joseph Wagoole, a fisherman at Nkose Island in Kalangala district, confirms that they started seeing the changes in the behavior of waters on Friday evening, which begun with moderate waves, a situation he says is often witnessed between the months of July and August. 

He says that such caution statements help to remind the fishing communities about the dangers of such rough conditions on the lake, hence encouraging them to adhere to precautions.