Witch Doctor Survives Lynching for Failing to Catch Cattle Thief

The witch doctor’s ritual failed to work despite having received 300,000 Shillings as payment, which angered the community members who started beating him and his boda boda transporter randomly.

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A witchdoctor and his boda- boda rider survived lynching in Oyam district after a failed ritual to identify a cattle thief.

Paul Wajuma together with Nickson Ayo were rescued by police after an angry mob descended on them when Wajuma failed to trace two bulls stolen from one Denis Angura, a resident of Wiidyang Cell, Eastern Ward in Oyam Town Council.

It is alleged that Angura who had lost two bulls thought help from Wajuma, a witchdoctor from Ongonceng parish, Aduku subcounty in Kwania district to perform a ritual to recover the animals. The witchdoctor arrived in Oyam on a motorcycle being ridden by Ayo.

However, it is said the witch doctor’s ritual failed to work despite having received 300,000 shillings as payment and this angered the community members who started beating them randomly.

Jimmy Patrick Okema, the North Kyoga Police spokesperson who castigated people for embracing witchcraft, confirmed the incident saying police intervened and rescued the victims but not a single suspect was arrested.

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//Cue in: “Police at Oyam…//

Cue out: … before court.”//

In February this year, Kwania County MP Tony Ayo was accused of hiring a witch doctor to perform a ritual at his home in Obolocani village Ajar parish, Chawente Sub county in Kwania following theft of his 8 head of cattle. The act led to the death of one Mike Odur and poisoning of Innocent Okello and another only identified as Okello. 

However, the MP denied the allegations saying he had not lost any animals and that the witch doctor was hired by his younger brother.

Just a week before that, a thief ran to the scene of crime with a swarm of bees covering his back and carrying stolen money in his hands after he reportedly stole the money from a mobile money agent in Apac town.