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Woman Arrested for Torturing Step Daughter :: Uganda Radionetwork

Woman Arrested for Torturing Step Daughter

The minor admitted at Life Line clinic in Lira City

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Police in Lira is holding a woman arrested for allegedly torturing her 5-year-old step daughter.

The suspect being held has been named as Fiona Namugembe, a 20-year-old resident of Corner House Ireda Shamba in Lira City East division.

The arrest was triggered on Sunday evening when their neighbor rushed the little girl who was unconscious by then to a nearby clinic after a brutal beating by the step mother.

The young girl reached the clinic with her body covered in both fresh and old scars inflicted with sticks.

She was immediately referred to Lira University teaching hospital for further management, since the clinic could not handle her condition.

However, the issue took a new twist when someone shared the kid’s story on social media attracting the attention of human rights activists and the general public.

A number of people took to social media condemning the act and demanding for the immediate arrest of the woman.

Rashid Acup, a social media user was quoted saying “Put the devilish woman behind bars” while another wrote, “I would want to know if the so called step mother who beat her is still alive, she should also be admitted to a health unit with pain or behind bars.”

Licinia Akirapa Aweri, a Human Right’s activist at Human Rights Awareness Forum spearheaded the team seeking justice for the little girl. She visited the girl at the clinic and later reported the matter to Ireda Shama outpost and caused the arrest of the step mother.

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Patrick Jimmy Okema, the North Kyoga region police spokesperson confirmed the incident saying investigations is underway.

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Statistics from police shows that a total of 18 cases of child abuse have been recorded by police between January and April 2021.

Okema attributed such incidences to poverty saying the culprits are mostly relatives and professionals.

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Meanwhile Prosy Ayo Otyek, the chairperson Women Council Lira City who also paid a visit to the child at the clinic argued that raising children is a collective responsibility where everyone oversees the condition of children.

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At the time of filing this story, the minor is discharged from the hospital and on her way to recovery and the suspect is expected to appear in court on Tuesday.


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