Woman Arrested over Killing of her Husband after 20 Years in Marriage

After reportedly battering her husband to death, Namakula reportedly called his relatives saying he had succumbed to flu.

olice in Kiira region has arrested 52-year-old, Scovia Namakula, a resident of Muguluka East village, in Buwenge sub county, in Jinja district, over causing the death of her husband, Fred Mulaabi, aged 65 years.

It is reported that the couple developed misunderstandings early this week over undisclosed reasons.

Namakula is reported to have tied Mulaabi's hands with a rope and battered him repeatedly before locking him up in one of the rooms.

She then moved out of the house with all their household belongings and called Mulaabi's relatives to notify them that he was already dead.

Mulaabi's nephew, Abudul Mutegu says that, his uncle's lifeless body was retrieved from the house on Thursday at around 11:00am.

Mutegu says that, Namakula called to inform him on how Mulaabi succumbed to a flu-like illness, after being bedridden for two days.

Meanwhile, Faizal Baaka, the Buwenge sub county GISO says that the couple were involved in endless marital battles, blaming each other for bareness, after they failed to get children throughout the course of their 20 year marriage.

Baaka stresses that Mulaabi's body was covered with wounds and strangulation marks, prompting them to contact police authorities.

Namakula has since denied any involvement in the acts which resulted into the death of her husband.

Meanwhile, the Kiira regional police spokesperson, James Mubi says that, Namakula is being detained at Kiira north division central police station, awaiting prosecution.

Mubi adds that, they are waiting for the postmortem report to conclusively decide on the preferable charges against the suspect.