Woman Arrested for Stabbing Husband to Death

Police in Namayingo district has arrested Betty Ajwoki, a resident of Lolwe west village in Lolwe sub-county for stabbing her husband, Edward Mangeni to death.

Ajwoki is reported to have stabbed Mangeni, 40, in the chest using a kitchen knife. He bled profusely and passed away. His body has been taken to Lolwe health centre III mortuary awaiting postmortem.

It is alleged that on Thursday night, the couple engaged in a fierce disagreement with both parties castigating each other with infidelity related accusations.

Silver Ochieng, a resident of Lolwe west village claims that, Ajwoki returned home drunk and when her husband attempted to complain, she retaliated by stabbing him.

“Their argument stemmed from Ajwoki’s returning home late while drunk, however, when Mangeni directed her to either explain why she returned home late or leave his house for good, she instead retaliated by stabbing him,” says Ochieng.

In Ajwoki’s statement, she claims that whatever happened was an accident as she was attempting to defend herself against what she termed as Mangeni’s violent approach.

“On arrival at our home, my husband started beating me up unsparingly and I only got hold of the knife to scare him off, but I accidentally pierced his chest,” she says. 

The Busoga East police spokesperson James Mubi confirms the incident, adding that the suspect voluntarily handed herself over to the police authorities and she is being detained at Lolwe police station.  Mubi however, stresses that cases of domestic violence have increased partly due to couples’ failure to seek professional advice from their elders while facing marital related misunderstandings.