Work With Mayor Lukwago, Bobi Wine Directs KCCA Councillors

"We have one principle objective with Lukwago and that is to end dictatorship, I don't expect you to engage in petty disputes over minor issues yet our mission with the Kampala Lord Mayor is the same." -Kyagulanyi's no-nonsense directyive to the majority KCCA councilors.

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Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu, the leader of the National Unity Platform has rallied his newly elected Kampala Capital City Authority councilors to work very well with the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago because he is a change-seeking person like themselves.

Speaking today at his home in Magere - Wakiso district while meeting all elected city and division leaders in Kampala, Kyagulanyi said even if Lukwago doesn’t belong to NUP, there is no need to fight him because both him and the councilors are serving the same people. Lukwago, a member of the Forum for Democratic Change, defeated NUP candidate Nabilah Naggayi Ssempala to earn a third term as Kamapala Lord mayor.

//Cue in…I know that

Cue out…the Kyagulanyi generation,”//

Out of the 45 council seats at City Hall, NUP won 41.  Kyagulanyi also rallied his troops not to forget that their main mission is to win the presidency of Uganda. He called upon all NUP members who were elected at different positions not to lose sight of the ultimate goal of their participation in politics. He called upon them to stop looking at him as the king maker but rather the leader of a people seeking change.

//Cue in…temwalondeddwa just kuvimba

Cue out…ffe Uganda empya,”//

Speaking at the same function, Ali Nganda Mulyannyama, the mayor of Makindye division called upon NUP members to stand with their president to see that he ‘liberates’ his ‘victory’ that was allegedly stolen from him by President Museveni using the Electoral Commission. 

Almost two weeks after the declaration of presidential results, Kyagulanyi still insists that he defeated president Museveni despite Electoral Commission figures showing that he got 35% against 58 %, respectively. 

For his part, Emmanuel Sserunjogi, the mayor of Kawempe division called upon all those who were elected on the NUP ticket to be obedient to Kyagulanyi and people he delegates to act in his name. Sserunjogi added that if their party is to be in harmony, all leaders must recognize that they wouldn’t be what they are if Kyagulanyi had not endorsed them. 

//Cue in…nsuubira okulaba

Cue out ekibuga kitambula kitya?  

NUP won the chairmanship of four out of the five divisions of Kampala. It also won majority of the division council seats.