Young Trucker's Murder: Cement Recovered

The assailants killed Semanda, locked up his body in the trailer cabin and abandoned the trailer in Wairaka trading center in Jinja district, before fleeing.
Police in Kiira region alongside their counterparts from Busoga East, on Tuesday confirmed the recovery of 620 bags of cement, which were over the weekend robbed from 26-year-old Tadeo Ssemanda, a trucker along the Jinja-Iganga highway.

Young Ssemanda was driving a transnational trailer, with registration number UBD 061E and UBD 300A.

It is reported that, Ssemanda who was heading to SK Sneh Uganda limited hardware in Lubaga division, in Kampala city, departed from Tororo cement factory on Saturday night at about 9:30pm.

Unknown assailants however, killed him, locked up his lifeless body in the trailer cabin and abandoned the trailer in Wairaka trading center, in Jinja district, before fleeing.

The recovery was triggered by a hardware dealer who alerted police on having purchased cheap cement, after hearing that the trucker had been killed in the process.

Available leads indicate that Ssemanda was hijacked by the highway robbers in Bugiri municipality, where he had made a seven minutes stopover to buy drinking water on Saturday night.

They later drove off towards the Nakalama junction, proceeded to the Mbale-Tirinyi road and offloaded 55 bags of cement at a hardware in Bukoona trading center, in Nakalama sub county, in Iganga district.

They later offloaded the remaining 565 bags of cement at another hardware shop in Nabukoone trading center, in Nambaale sub county, in Iganga district.

The assailants later made another 2 hour and 14 minutes stopover at Namasoga trading center, in Iganga district, a renowned hotspot for stolen fuel along the Jinja-Iganga highway, where fuel truckers sell their loot to retailers within the area.

They later drove off to Wairaka, abandoned the trailer at about 1:30am on Sunday morning and fled using a feeder road through Mayuge district, enroute to Iganga town, where they are believed to have reunited with their other accomplices.

One of the hardware dealers, who spoke to URN on condition of anonymity says that,his village mate called to alert him about cheap cement, which was being sold at 30,000 Shillings per bag and he embraced the opportunity, but later notified police after sensing foul play. 

"My village mate who is a fuel dealer in Bulanga trading center, in Luuka district, along the Jinja-Iganga highway, notified me about a good deal to purchase cheap cement and I embraced it, but I quickly rushed to the nearest police station on Monday morning, after hearing of the news that the trucker which had ferried cement to my shop was killed on Saturday night," he says.

The Kiira regional police spokesperson, James Mubi, confirmed that they are liaising with their counterparts from Busoga East to audit the recovered exhibits and jointly expedite inquiries into the matter.

However, the Busoga East police spokesperson, Diana Nandawula, declined to comment, saying that a conclusive report shall be availed to the press after successful pursuit of the available leads to the prime suspects.