Youth Leaders in Bududa District Demand Emyooga Savings

According to these youth leaders, they saved over 8 million shillings with an intention of benefiting from the program in vain.
Youth leaders of Mabono sub county in Bududa District are demanding their Emyooga savings after failing to benefit from the program.

The Emyooga initiative is aimed at enhancing wealth and creating jobs for the people of Uganda which saw every constituency financed with 30 million shillings to be shared amongst associations.

The leaders argue that they saved more than 8 Million Shillings with an intention of benefiting from the program in vain.

Richard Kutosi, one of the youth leaders in the association said they saved over 8 million in August this year expecting to get more money so as to engage in growing vegetables and other businesses but have not benefited from the program. He wants the district officials to intervene in the matter.

//Cue in: “ Emyooga yakhubirisa bubi 

Cue out: …..khwangafuna kamapesi ako”//.

Dominic Natule another youth leader said they are finding it hard to access their savings. He adds that most of their businesses which they used to run have now collapsed yet they are in the festive season when they expected to earn more profits.

//Cue in: “Khwo saving kamapesi…. 

Cue out:… kesi khworomo kamene”//.

Sam Wanyakala said they were promised that their savings would be multiplied three times, which raised their hopes of saving to get more money so that they could engage in growing onions while others engage in small business.

//Cue in: “Khwabanga khurusa…

 Cue out: … kefe aka kakobole”//.

Fred Musabi, the Commercial Officer says that he will help the leaders access their savings.
According to Musabi, the beneficiaries saved late yet there were other small groups which saved before.

He called for calm among the members until those who took the money return it since it is a revolving fund.

Daniel Kikola the Resident District Commissioner Bududa says that he has received several complaints from the youth.